Sunday, February 15, 2009

And We Thought Mom was a Messy Eater.....

Grandpa helped with the first round.

It tends to go up the face when you blow bubbles in your food.

I think I was this excited about a hot shower when I got home from Argentina.

Daddy and his girl.

Ah, the transition to solid foods. Such a milestone in the lives of children. This little girl's actually more interested in eating her spoon and her mother's hair than the food we're offering. Have you ever tried rice cereal? Can't say I blame her for her choice of interests right now, I think my shampoo does have more flavor. But, as long as the focus is on her learning this whole bigger human eating concept instead of getting a certain amount of food crammed into her, it's fun and entertaining. Pele's anxiously awaiting the day our gal will be throwing her left over spaghetti. I'm secretly wishing we had something like the tank room on the Burn Unit to feed her in, just so we could hose her and everything else down afterwards. It's really not that bad yet, I'm still keeping the bowl out of her reach. And it will make a difference when she gets the concept of getting the food inside her mouth. Until then I will keep laughing at meal time....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family Pictures

Once again, the three sisters. Aren't our children cute?
Here's the Sorensen cousins.
All of the adults (or so we claim to be).

A regular day with Katie Lou.

Here's the Huntington adults (again, so we claim...)

Here's the whole Huntington fam.

Vacation Pictures

This is Great Grandma Frandsen with a naked baby Kate.

And above we have Grandma Sorensen fixing Kaylee's self-inflicted hair cut (about 15 minutes before family pictures).

Uncle Jon with cousin Van, or Vanny Boy as I love to call him.

Baby Kate attempting her upside-down backward crawl skills to reach cousin Blake.

Jami hanging out with Jen and the lovely nieces; Ella, Adyn, and Ady.

Ella and Katie Bug.

The Super Sorensen Sisters with the children of '08; Ann with James (March), Jami and Katie Lou (August), Melissa and Van (November).

Aunt Lisa with the lovely Bug.

Grandpa Huntington is SO excited about games.

Grandpa with the Bug.