Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mama Went Crazy

Let's go back a few Saturdays ago.  Jeremy was going to study all day (again) for his boards and there was NO WAY I was going to stay in the house all day.  Solution?  Just drive West for two hours and see what you find.  Amazing, beautiful fields and mountains (it's Montana, isn't that everywhere), and we stopped at a lake in a canyon for a picnic and walk, just to get back in the care and go home.  But driving there, seeing the wilderness, it's like a drug for me.  Nothing soothes my soul like those wide open spaces.  Just ask Katie and the girls as they asked me to play the song over and over again on the way back for them to keep singing it.  

 This is an apple-cheese-cracker sandwich Syd is showing.  I will be forever grateful to my nursing school/Burn Unit friend who introduced me to the marvels of white cheddar with granny smith apples.  MMmmmmm.  
 I have great hopes of learning what all the plants are someday.  For now, those white berries were called "blueberries" by my children.  Fortunately I had them convinced we never eat white berries, but they had a great time picking them and stuffing them in their pockets.  

 And nothing seems to sooth these girls like throwing rocks into water.  We had a good time.  
 Maybe some of you will think I don't take being a Mom seriously enough, but there was a part of me that expected to drop them off at preschool and have nothing else to do for it.  Not the school they're in apparently.  We were asked to make family trees for them.  Good thing I had taken the right pictures for it while we'd been in Utah.  Here's my budding craft abilities.