Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm thankful for so many things. I don't always remember the many ways I've been blessed, so I wanted to get a few of them written down.

1. The stars. Especially the stars in the winter. They are so crisp and clear. I love I can see Orion, Sirius, and the Seven Sisters at this time of year and that I live in a place where I can see those stars just standing on our porch.

2. My husband. We had our first three day weekend in what seems like eons and we had so much fun. We had a church dance Saturday night (which the girls half loved and were half unsure of what to do with so many people and so much noise), made it through church with humor (always a plus), then just enjoyed a very simple day together Monday. He's so much fun to be with, so goofy and kind, and works his guts out. I love him.

3. My parents. I can't be thankful enough to have to wonderful people to call my mom and dad. I learn a lot from them, have needed their support and listening ears so often, and hope I can grow up to be as loving as they are. They are such good examples for me.

4. My in-laws. The most loving, giving people. I miss being around them and especially playing with the nieces and nephews. I feel very blessed to be a part of the family.

5. My sisters and brother. They each are a special part of my life. I gain so much from their love and friendship and we have a lot of fun when we're together.

6. Our girls. Who would have thought we'd have such an instant family? It's insane. I've never done anything so relentless in my life (mission, Badger Creek, and nursing school included). Yet I love them. So much. I love when Sydney slams her head into my collar bone because she thinks it's affectionate. I love when Cora smiles, runs away from me, and laughs about it when I call her. I love when Katie will look at me in the middle of her dinner and say, "Mommy, we're all children of God." I love that they all want to sit on my lap and read stories (not that the twins have any clue what they're doing, they just know they get to sit on my lap). I love that they can't be apart from each other. I love that Katie climbs in their cribs in the morning to sing them songs and tell them stories (and push them down).

7. Hot apple cider late at night. Mmmmmm.

8. Such a gentle dog.

9. A fuzzy jacket a friend gave me for Christmas years ago.

10. A working car with 4 wheel drive.

11. A neighbor with a snow blower.

12. Scriptures.

13. The ability to read.

14. Good music.

15. A washer and dryer.

16. Shoes that are 7 years old, still fit, and still look the same (I'm not one for finding new things).

17. Pick your own fruit and veggies. It's still months away - but I can't wait for our garden to grow and berry picking season!

18. The body's ability to heal.

19. A God that hears and answers prayers and knows me personally.

20. The people who have touched and continue to touch my life.

That's probably enough for now. Actually, I could keep going, but I need to get myself to bed.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old Man Winter Came By

This is our front porch. One thing I've learned about New England is NO ONE uses their front porch. Winter's just the time you can actually see that. We all have back or side doors that get used for everything instead. As for the snow, we're supposed to get more this weekend.
That wall of snow you see is actually the fence to our back yard. We have no where to put the lovely snow other than in giant piles along side our shared driveway. Because the pile on the fence actually dumps into the other side of the fence, it made for a nice ramp for Pele to jump over what you see above.

This is her running across the street as I just watch her take off. I spent a good chunk of this afternoon digging a trench between the fence and the rest of the yard. Now there's just a giant snow mountain that she sits on in the middle of the yard.
My mom's asked for pictures for a while now, so I finally took a few of the girls with our older camera and found some other pictures still on it. This will be a long picture post. Up above is Cora clapping and Syd just gazing lovingly at her mother.
They kept tackling each other on the bed and squealing and giggling.
Cora doing yoga.
Syd showing off her baby blues.
This is what they looked like in August or September (I'm not sure when I took this). They'd just figured out how to stand with support.
Now here they are walking everywhere. Cora really likes turning and running from you when you call her. Good thing I don't have two other kids to chase as well. Wait....
I think this was in September. My little snow bunnies. Whoever designed those was a genius.
This was in September when I took the girls apple picking in Vermont. That's the petting zoo behind Kate. She loved picking the apples and eating them.
Cora had konked out and since I had Sydney on my chest I figured the apples could double with Cora.
Katie loves sticks. She has to carry a stick with her whenever she can. Don't think you can switch sticks on her either - she knows!
I had to put this picture in because it was so funny. This is the top of our stairs. Down the hallway (the direction of their feet) is the bathroom. We'd just finished bathing everybody and they had been so upset. Just crying and wailing the whole time. Jeremy and I took Kate to her room to say good night, planning on getting them and taking them downstairs just after. They followed us out into the hallway crying, but both fell asleep on their faces on Pele's bed. So cute. This was sometime in September.
And last but not least, our current state. Sydney (in the middle) cannot eat without combing the food through her hair. Meal times are just flat out messy. But I'm glad we have food we can eat and also glad that our dog doesn't mind helping with clean-up.