Sunday, March 25, 2012

Since I Can't Remember Much Else Right Now

OK, so I haven't posted anything in almost two months. But there's lots of things I think about posting about. Most recently? Mommy issues (are we surprised?). So Thursday night and Friday morning were a little intense with the girls (seriously, three toddlers, you think so?). I had a friend coming over to visit Friday morning, she brought another almost three year old, then my neighbor came out to talk with us also with her four year old. That means we have three two year olds, a three year old, and a four year old out in the yard while we were standing in the driveway talking, trying to keep all of them under control. The twins had gone over to the front porch, and we were in between them and the other three trying to go around the back of the other house. Well, some well-meaning person pulled into our driveway and rolled down her window, then, greatly restraining herself, informed me that she almost had a heart attack seeing two little girls so close to the road. I said, OK, thank you, then as she left, I just cried. I had been up since 5:30 am, was not able to eat breakfast until after 9am, and could not believe how difficult it was just to feed three little girls without them screaming at me, or change their diapers without someone breaking something or getting hurt. I had the heater guys coming to check on our heater at 7:30 that morning and was trying to make sure I could converse with them as well. So between being tired and feeling like simple things were impossible, it was just a bit much. I don't know why so many strangers love to point out how negligent I am. I would love someone else to try keeping three fearless little people completely safe all the time. Now, just to clarify, they were not dangerously close to the road, but from the angle of where the driver was coming from, you couldn't see there were actually parents there. Anyway, it can be a bit overwhelming when you already feel very inadequate and strangers at times are lining up to point that out.

So on the flip side of that, the heater guys had to leave and come back later that afternoon. They'd been to our house a few times over the almost three years we've been here just for inspections and other minor problems. When they came in the first thing they said to me was, "we were talking about this when we left here this morning, you've done an amazing job with your girls. They're growing up beautifully and are just wonderful." I profusely thanked them, and then said a thank you prayer later. I wish the words of strangers were not always so powerful, but sometimes when you don't see as many adults as you used to, it's all you get. Either way, it sure felt like that was God's way of saying - don't listen to that lady, you're doing awesome.

Boom Bum

Now for the fun, clumsy stories about me. A friend called me Valentines Day to ask to do a running swap (we taking turns watching the kids to get a run in). She ran, came back and let me borrow her nifty watch. It tells you your time, your pace, and your distance. I had a great run, then when I finished and started walking I looked at the watch to see how I did. I also simultaneously stepped on ice, completely lost my footing and crashed down on the ice. I think I was laying there three minutes writhing in pain, it hurt so bad. When I finally got up, I was dying, but nothing was broken, or even sprained. However, I later found the biggest bruise of my life, consisting of my entire right bum cheek. It took about three weeks to lose the beautiful coloring, and I still have a small bump. I was very grateful nothing worse happened.

Fast forward a few weeks later; it was after Jeremy and I put the kids in bed, I was going down the stairs to do something, and on the third to the last stair my socks slipped on the stair, meaning I fell too, scraped my left elbow, and bruised my left cheek. Who knew I had such talent at falling and bruising all of my body? Just for the record, I have no shame with sharing embarrassing anything.

Sometime in February

We got a little sick of being cooped up inside, and we had a Saturday that seemed nice enough, so we went and hiked at Quechee Gorge in Vermont. Too bad the entire trail was iced over. We had a good time trying to keep all five of us on our feet, even with Pele. It was pretty chilly, but I think the girls were happy to play outside again.
Not wanting our adventure day to end, we decided we'd drive to Burlington and see what Lake Champlain looked like. It was beautiful!
OK, this picture does not do it justice. Our camera isn't that impressive either, but if we had a better picture of what you can see across the lake, it's beautiful tree covered mountains in New York. Hopefully we can come back when the weather's just a little warmer.
The girls were great for our adventure there, but it was quite the scream-fest on the way home. Let me tell you how nice an hour and fifteen minute drive is with three whiners. Well, you probably don't want to know that, but we were glad we got out of the house.