Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Beginning of Updates

Here's the beginning of catching up.  We moved (obviously), so it's taking a lot of time to get our brains together and to make time for things involving technology.  I figured since we've been out of New Hampi a couple of months now, it's time I put some pictures up.  We did not have a functioning camera for the cross-country part, so the pictures start with our week stay at my parents house.  We'll see how many more I get posted from here.  

 This one is Sydney splashing.  
 Here's Cora trying to get her Grandpa wet.  
 Katie drawing in my parents' driveway.  
 My mom telling them stories.  
Then we made it to Salt Lake to stay with Jeremy's sister's family.  There's Uncle Rod throwing Katie in the air.  I'm so happy I bought the life-jackets I did last summer.  They have more than paid back their purchase price.  

A few details about the trip.  We spent about a week on the road from West Leb to Cedar City and saw a lot of church history sites on the way.  Our poor dog was sick of having to take meds so she wouldn't barf the whole way, and we were getting a little tired of the car, but we made it and saw some amazing country on the way.  Whoever knew Iowa was such a beautiful state?  

Our week in Cedar went well, then we went to Salt Lake for a week and those pictures and details will hopefully be up in a week.  

We were ready to be done being homeless by the end of the trip.  We moved into our house without seeing it in person, and our moving truck got there a little late, but we had a home to live in!  With a doggie-door nonetheless.  Pele's pretty happy about that, and really happy there are a million wild rabbits around to hunt.  We had some plumbing issues, but between our bishopbric and the realty company, it was taken care of within a week's time.  Jeremy was gone to a conference our first weekend there.  We can walk to church, so I'm happy about that.  The prairie and sky are amazing.  We really love living in Great Falls.  We are working on repainting the main floor of the house (brown and mustard yellow just don't do it for me), but the house itself is great.  I never knew how great it is to have a basement when you have kids.  Kate starts Kindergarten this week and she can't wait.  She's going to have a blast.  The twins will start preschool two days a week the next week and I am going to be living a whole new life.  Jeremy's studying his guts out for his oral boards the end of September, and we're still broke as all get out for a few more months, then we'll start paying back the big loan bills.  I'm being brave and starting a face book page, but I have no idea how to work it yet, so hopefully no one gets offended from a lack of response.  It is late and past bed time, so I'm signing off for now.