Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, it took me forever to start posting again, but here is the start of some back-dating, or updating, or whatever. Jeremy went to Ecuador for the first two weeks of February. This is the post of several of his pictures. The above photo is with the attending physician he went down with, over-looking Salinas, a little coastal town West of Guayaquil.

This is inside the hospital, and you've gotta love the OR below.

This is the front of the hospital. Seriously, anyone who needs to endlessly complain about US health care, you need to visit a country like this. We are so spoiled.
They stayed on the Naval base there. This was around the base.

They did some amazing work. Someday, we hope to go as a whole family for some of these trips. It was pretty exciting that Jeremy could do this during residency.

Beautiful beaches.
So this is probably not the best picture of his attending, but I love the hat he brought home. It's a mix between Indiana Jones and Frank Sinatra. He's a handsome devil in it, I tell you what. I'm glad we survived the time with him gone. I only cried a few times, particularly the last day before he came home, but we survived. And people were very kind to help me out. But I tell you what, I missed him and my mama!