Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Time 2015

In no particular order, here is a collection of pics from our Christmas season:

Jeremy taking Syd and Cora sledding.  

We went to the Hodson's one Sunday evening for a fabulous night of Christmas music.  Berek loved every minute.  

The girls played some Christmas songs at nursing home.  Here's Syd.

I got a much better angle for Cora, but unfortunately did not have the camera ready yet when Katie was up.  

Reading bedtime stories with Dad.  

Christmas Eve. 

He's so thrilled about his gift.  

Christmas morning.  

This was our only awesome Montana snowman, just a few days before Christmas.  

Christmas jammies. 

Lindsay braved the festivities with us. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Winter Wonderland

It's so nice to have snow to come home to and play in when school's out.  

Tis the Season

After some crazy do-we-or-don't-we-go thoughts, we made a trip to Utah the beginning of the month and spent my birthday night on Temple Square.  It was so fun for our girls to see the lights, even with the rain. 

Cousins Ady and Blake were there with us.  

We can't say baby Berek really noticed the lights, but we were happy to have him with us.  As long as I kept moving, he did great.  

December 18th was the last day of school for the year, and the girls had a Santa breakfast at school.  We did realize after we got there that they forgot to wear their uniforms (school policy every Friday), so we had to rush and get that taken care of.  They had a great time and their teachers were so happy for the ornaments they made them.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tubby Time With Grandma Sorensen

My mom is so good with bathing babies.  Berek loved being in the warm water.