Friday, August 28, 2015

Back to School

The day has arrived!  All three are officially in school.  Katie is in Mrs. Schei's second grade class, Sydney is in Miss Allen's Kindergarten and Cora is in Mrs. Parson's.  I'm so glad the school we're at is an open concept (there are no walls for classrooms) for these girls.  It seems to be just enough stimulation for Katie, and it let's the twins be in separate classes and still have eye contact with each other if they need it.  

They were so excited to get started and so was I.  They ran all over the playground, the twins excited to meet Katie's friends and really be a part of school.  They weren't the least bit timid or shy, and I was skipping away to a very wonderful day.  I'm proud of these girls, now I get to learn how to be supportive and involved without overdoing anything.  Somehow, I don't think overdoing my involvement is something I'm too concerned about.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Katie's 7th Birthday

We had great plans to go to Missoula and berry pick for her birthday, but Montana is determined to thwart any effort to pick fresh produce.  Jeremy even had the day off.  We listen to Anne of Green Gables the whole three hour ride there, only to find the place picked out, so we stopped at a ghost town called Garnet on the way home instead.  The girls were thrilled.  

The cake survived my cake making skills.  She wanted German Chocolate.  

I love that beautiful rug burn.  She had a really fun birthday.  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Belt Creek

Saturday, August 1st.  Lindsay was visiting family.  Jeremy was on call.  So after a valiant effort of cleaning the church (Sydney actually stayed with me the entire time sanitizing light switches and doorknobs, then cleaning the bathroom as Cora and Katie vacuumed) , we thought we'd beat the high 90 degree weather and go swimming in Belt Creek.  I love that the new camera we bought takes creative pictures for me.  

 Katie was very proud of the water skeeters she had caught, but I didn't catch them in the picture, unfortunately.

 Sydney and Cora had a fabulous time looking for skeeters and fish while Katie and I had one of our many heart to heart talks.  

Cora's beautiful smile.   

Sydney was so proud of the snail she caught.  She wanted to take him home, but after much effort I convinced her the snail was better off in his own home.  

Katie is ever faithful remembering her sun hat and even brought her sunglasses with her.  We had a great two hours and I realized why the pools are not a big deal here.  There are only a few weeks that it's hot enough to need them, but it's so much better to swim here!