Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Did You Do This Weekend?

I must admit, I've lost some of my interest in blogging, partially because I have too much to say and not the time to get to it, and partially because so many days become such a blur. I feel so insanely busy each day, but can't even remember what I did as soon as the girls go down for bed. But I can share some "highlights" from the last few days.

Halloween parties abound here, it seems. We go to a community group for toddlers called the Romp and Stomp and they had a Halloween dress up this week. Syd was not the least bit interested in getting in a costume, but Katie loved being a witch and Cora was a lady bug (I'll get pictures in some day). We had another party at the hospital that evening with other residents and their families. I was able to talk Sydney into wearing the lady bug outfit and Cora was the purple and green monster, Katie, of course, was a witch. In the whole hour we were there we had two MAJOR meltdowns from Katie, the last one of which silenced everyone in the room to turn and see who was dying. She was upset because all the suckers were gone. That's rough stuff when you're three.

Katie is one beautiful, intelligent, trying child. She is so fun and full of life, but she explodes at the drop of the hat, to a point of being very beyond reason or control. I used to think when I saw kids act like that that their parents let them have their way all the time or didn't give their child enough attention. I think part of the reason God lets us have kids is to realize how wrong we are in the judgements we didn't even realize we were making. It softens and humbles you to realize how little control you have over so many things. Katie is just as strong willed as I am, and as counter-intuitive as it seems, the only thing that seems reliable when she's out of control is to hold, love, and rock her. Then she calms down and we can talk. I'm learning how true it is that each child is different and all of the preconceived notions I had about being a parent only have some merit to them. There's a lot that can only be learned on the way, and realized by no one other than Jeremy and myself (though we are grateful for the help and support we get from so many around us).

It snowed that night, about an inch or less, and was pretty cold, but beautiful the next morning. I decided to take all my girls for a walk. The current get up is the twins go in the double stroller, and Katie is strapped to my back with an ergo (anyone out there with little kids, it's awesome!), and Pele walks to the right of the stroller. Well, that sounds maybe easy enough, but with it so cold out, getting warm things on everyone and then getting us all outside takes a total of 45 minutes, which tend to be filled with little girls and sometimes a mama crying and screaming because nothing can get done fast enough for anyone. But we made it.

I must have been feeling really adventurous that day because I decided to put the twins in their pack-&-plays in my and Jeremy's room for their nap so Katie could have her quiet time in her room. The twins have been able to climb out of their pack-&-plays for a couple of months now, but I'd taken care of every potential mess in our room and hoped for the best. I ended up taking Katie with me outside to trim some bushes. When I came in to check on them, I could smell something sweet. The twins were out wandering around upstairs (not such a good thing), so I checked our room and it was fine, checked Katie's and the girls' room and it was fine, then I walked into the bathroom. They had dumped a nearly full box of tampons into our little toilet and them poured their strawberry shampoo on top. It was almost hilarious except our toilet no longer flushed. You'd think they'd be happy to not worry about girlie products for a few more years.

That was Friday. So our Saturday was spent first trimming our bushes, then Jeremy took apart the toilet with the help of his brother over the phone (who is a plumber, thank goodness), and then Jeremy and I got us all ready for our church's Halloween trunk or treat. I actually painted my fingernails for it which I don't think I'd done since my Junior year in high school. We did have a good time with that and it amazes me how easy it is for our girls to wander away, even in a room filled with people dressed in all kinds of costumes.

As good as Saturday was, Sydney did not sleep at all last night. She was up about every half hour after 2am, and Katie woke up with a nightmare as well. Props to Cora for sleeping through all of this. We were tired, but we made it to church OK and the girls weren't too bad. We went to a friend's house for dinner after and thought the day had gone well. Then Sydney became REALLY upset once we got home. We thought she was just tired and cranky, but after we'd laid her down and were hoping to just let her cry it out, I hear this fountain sound coming out of their room. The poor girl was puking all over herself and could not stop. I came in and picked her up just in time to help her puke all over the wall. Crib, animals, blankets, floor, wall, jammies, hair, it was awesome. We're hoping it's all out of her and that this isn't a sign of how our trip will go this coming weekend (we're heading out west again, folks).

That was our weekend. We also got 4-6" of snow last night. I really love winter, but I do feel a bit differently about it when it entails dressing three little people simultaneously. I have great hopes that this is all part of Heavenly Father's plan to teach me things I would not otherwise understand. He knows a lot more than I do, and I think sometimes it takes things being out of control to remind me who's in control.

Hopefully I'll get some pictures in before we head out on our journey.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


There is something so magical to me about fall. Really, about the start of each season, but especially fall. The air has this crisp feel to it and echos of so many memories play in my head when I look at the sky, the colored trees, the pumpkins, and smell the air. Memories of going back to school, of campfires, of different sports games, hiking, memories of working at Disney's Animal Kingdom and some of my co-workers and I going to the "autumn celebration" in Celebration there, memories of the MTC, of dances, starry nights, rivers in Idaho, and the list goes on as I'm sure it does for everyone. I start to get excited about certain foods I have no idea how to make and no money to consistently buy - cinnamon rolls, freshly made apple cider, all kinds of chocolate candies, and ginger bread. It's like a pre-Christmas appetizer season.

It's nice to look away from the news, from the bills, from questions and worries and doubts that I think everyone works through at one point in time or another and just feel the change of the season. It comes every year. There's always a fall, winter, spring, and summer. The seasons seem a little more unpredictable with time, but the changes are welcome, all the same. I took Pele out for a walk this morning after the girls woke me up a little after 5am (they went back to bed). We were able to see some of the winter stars and constellations - Orion, Sirius, Gemini - and my breath catches at seeing them. There is something so magnificent in watching the Heavens. The stars in the sky seem to calm and inspire me. There is so much more beyond this earth, and it is good. There is a God watching over all who knows us, and orchestrates our lives as well as the planets and stars in the heavens.

I hope my girls will appreciate all of the beauties of this earth. I hope they will love experiencing it for themselves and letting the beauties of the world open their eyes and calm their hearts. Again, those thoughts of fall - apples, leaves, crayons, trees, the wind, fires, pencils, trails in the mountains and on the river, fresh baked bread, home made blankets, hay rides, corn mazes. I'm writing to say there is much good in the world. It may be so hard at times, but there are just as many good, strong memories, happy moments, and momentary glimpses of what heaven may be. I'm happy to be alive and have the trials and triumphs I do.