Sunday, August 7, 2011


This lucky man married one of my most favorite people in the world. Katie was my first companion as a missionary in Argentina. We worked together for 6 months. I learned so much from her and had so much fun at the same time. We've laughed a lot about how if we'd met somewhere else we probably would not have made the effort to become friends because we are so different at first glance. But as we got to know each other and found we felt the same about things that mattered, we became fast friends. I can't believe I forgot to get this post in the month of July. Katie got married in the Newport Beach, CA temple. That's a long way from New Hampshire. But by small tender mercies from the Lord, I was able to be there. I looked at flying out, driving out, flying someone out here to fly with me and the kids (Jeremy can't have any time off in July) and nothing was looking remotely physically or financially possible. Then my neighbor offered to take the kids. I flew out on a Thursday afternoon, was there all day Friday, then came home Saturday. It was awesome!

I was able to read the entire book, Jane Eyre while I was on the plane. There was a line in the book that seemed so fitting: "...there is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow-creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort." I stayed with an old roomate while I was there and visited with another dear friend from the mission. Between the wedding, Katie's family, and these two friends those words could not sum up the experience any better. I was on cloud nine being with people I loved so well and missed so much. I am thankful for all of the hard moments I have had to pass through at different times with each of these people as it seems to have sealed our bonds of friendship to that of family. Having friends to love and confide in, cry and laugh with, is truly one of the greatest treasures of this life.

This is a good picture of most of the Murdock clan.

We joked about her having all boys that I would teach how to build fires and I would have all girls and she will teach them how to shop and do their hair. So far it's looking like that might pan out....

Speaking of the stinkers. There is nothing the three won't climb. They are the best of friends and each others' greatest antagonist. They are adorable though. I might be biased.

This is the scowling picture I lost earlier. Little stinker.


I had hunted high and low looking for a dress with sleeves for Katie to almost no avail. I don't have the patience to keep looking, especially when it ends up being an on-line hunt, and she's at the age where it's hard to find as much used stuff because kids her age play so hard. To make a long story short I decided it would be better to make a dress. I've never made a dress. But I found a pattern and material and was pretty excited about it until I tried to read the instructions. I know the words were English, but I could not understand what it was telling me. I called a friend from church over who is an amazing seamstress and she gave me a little more liberty to use my own observations mixed in with the instructions. A few days later I had a dress made. But I hadn't put it together that the seems of clothes usually entail more than a single stitch. Her dress was unraveling after one hour of wear. Not so effective. As I was talking this dilemma over with another friend from church she offered the surger she was currently housing. After a half hour of work at my friend's house we now have a functioning dress.

I never would have thought I had it in me. I made a dress. I'm not making plans for prom or wedding dresses for these gals, but it does feel good to know I can supplement some of the basics.