Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blessing the Girls

Here are our two girls in their blessing dresses. We blessed them in church today.
We were lucky enough to have both of Jeremy's parents here for the blessing (his mom coming was a surprise!). We tried to get some pictures after church, but anyone who's had kids knows how cooperative children are with pictures to begin with, let alone after church. So this is Katie semi-glaring at us.
Here is the lovely Sydney in her dress that Jeremy's mom made for us. We special requested that she made one for us. It turned out beautifully and matches the one we already had.
Cora is sporting a vintage look. This is the dress that I, both of my sisters, and Katie were all blessed in. This summer we'll be taking the dress to DC for my sister, Melissa, to bless her coming baby girl in.
Family picture sometime during the week.
Here's both of the dresses side by side. Sydney's is on the left and Cora's on the right. The blessings were very special and I'm really overwhelmed and humbled and a little excited that Heavenly Father trusts the two of us to raise such beautiful daughters.
My very handsome husband with all his girls.
Surprise! I cut my hair. I haven't had it this short since I left to serve as a missionary in Argentina. It sure feels nice to do something different with it.

Baby Mozart and Katie's Frog

She's a natural, though she looks a little tipsy in this picture.
Katie found some form of a frog lawn ornament in our garden and thought it was great fun to run around the yard with him. I love how much she loves playing outside and running around. She cries whenever we make her come inside. Reminds me of me a little.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Small Victories, Temporary Defeat

As previously mentioned, I've been working to be a runner again. Well, Friday was my first good run. I made it for 24 minutes and I was so excited! Kate also had her first party she was invited to that morning. She put a painted hand print on an apron for a Nursery teacher's birthday. She had a good time following the other kids around. While I was there one of the other moms mentioned there was a free mile fun run this Saturday before a 5K called the Shamrock Shuffle. I thought it would be great fun for our family to get out in the sun and do it. Jeremy got up and ran 5 miles that morning with a buddy, then we started packing everyone up. Go figure, we got there late and missed the start of the fun run. Being the smart people we are, we decided to sign up for the 5K. So at noon yesterday we started out behind a pack of over 700 people and really planning on just walking the whole thing, but we actually ended up running for over two miles of it, walking for two short stretches, then running the rest of the way in. I was pushing Sydney and Cora in the double stroller and Jeremy had Kate in hers, along with our lunches. I couldn't believe it. Who just wakes up and says lets run a race today? Nothing big, I know. Our time was 34 minutes and 45 seconds. But for pushing strollers and me having my first run the day before, I was pretty darn impressed with us.
This is day one of me making an effort to do Kate's hair. It's long enough and the curls are adorable, I'm just not a fan of doing it. Shoot, I'm lucky if I get to do my own and asking a toddler to hold still while I pull her hair isn't exactly high on my fun list for the day. But I figured I better start, so I took a picture to watch my progress with this hair project.
Can anyone figure out what I'm doing wrong with these pictures? They face the right angle when I download them. Or load them. Or whatever I do. Anyway, here's the lovely girls after we got home from our run. The funny thing is, after the race yesterday I felt so motivated to do anything, truly believing "where there's a will there's a way." Once again, the Lord shows He has a sense of humor. You may have all the will in the world, but sometimes things just don't work out. Jeremy had to teach in church today and we were working so hard to get everyone fed and ready to go to be there on time. I was even able to paint my toenails (hasn't happened since August!). Well, Jeremy made Kate a good size breakfast and right before she finished she just threw it up. She didn't look sick, wasn't acting sick, and we just figured she ate too fast so we packed up and went to church. We sat down and about two minutes later she puked again. I contained some of it with a burp cloth, but we were soon using the baby blankets to catch it and clean it up (are you getting the lovely visual?). We looked at each other and knew we had to go home, so two minutes into church we walked right back out the door and into the car. Kate threw up again when we got home and that's when I went upstairs and realized she'd vomited all over her crib during the night. Jeremy went back to church to teach his lesson, then was home for a couple of hours before he had to go to work.

Kate woke up from her nap and had some nasty diarrhea that went through everything. At least she's not febrile and other than when she's puking does not seem to notice she's sick. But I think I hear her crying in her crib right now and I'm probably about to go change some more sheets. I'm slightly intimidated by the idea of being up with 3 crying kids all night. This is probably one of those nights where Jeremy will actually get more sleep being on call than he would if he were here. Or it may be totally busy and we will both be zombies tomorrow. So in conclusion, yes, the will thing makes a big difference in going places and accomplishing things, but life happens and hurdles get thrown in our way and sometimes we're defeated in a battle, but at least we can start over the next day and try again. My lanta, I am tired. And again, if anyone know what's up with my pictures, please give me a shout.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Look Alikes

I really thought I'd figured out how to load pictures, but this one is still sideways. I didn't want to dress these girls in identical outfits before I had them because I wanted to make sure I was seeing them as individuals, plus I thought why make it harder to tell them apart. I love how the Lord has a way of making you eat your words sometimes.
We hit a point a couple of weeks ago where Jeremy could tell the girls apart just by looking at them. I realized I could not. I knew them by outfit and where I'd set who down last, not by looking at them. So I started dressing them in identical outfits and blankets and switching their order around to force myself to look at them long enough to see the difference. I was able to do it after 3 or 4 days of this and thought I was doing pretty good. Then Sunday I decided to put them in their onesies someone had made just for them. One had a C for Cora, and the other an S for Sydney. I think I was really tired when I decided to do this. Halfway through the day I suddenly realized I had them in the wrong shirts. I got them mixed up again. I think they changed clothes when I wasn't looking. I can tell they're going to keep me on my toes.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chocolate, Schedules, and Recovering

As recently mentioned, my body must digest chocolate weird. Well, I hadn't had chocolate since the second week with Sydney and Cora around. I had a big glass of chocolate milk and was up with them all night. You'd think I'd learn. I knew chocolate was not good if I wanted a peaceful night. Well, Jeremy asked if I'd make some chocolate chip cookies he could take to the nurses today, so yesterday Kate and I got busy. I was so good and ate none of the dough, but I couldn't help myself once the cookies were done. I ended up eating 3 by the end of the day. Not my smartest moment. Up ALL NIGHT with Cora and Sydney and they are still having a rotten time napping today. I don't know if the caffeine gets to them or what, but I am kicking myself.

Now, I'm not putting this in as a pity post, but a reality one since all of the previous posts just gloss over things. It's true that after the pregnancy with these girls I really don't feel like I should be complaining about anything. At least I can go up the stairs, carry my children, blow-dry my hair or shower without having to sit down, I can actually stand to wash all of the dishes or make dinner, I can eat normal food again, and I'm not taking 12 pills a day (yes, 12 was the grand total). These girls are beautiful, all three of them, and I love having them here and feel so blessed and grateful for them. But it's days like this, after being up all night, that I feel like I can't put out the fires fast enough or I'm just flat out of water to put them out. Katie Lou is almost 3 ft tall now and can reach everything that just a week or so ago was too far out of her reach. I am suddenly out of safe spots in the house for books, phones, keys, dishes, clothes, food, pens, crayons, diapers, diaper rash cream, the list goes on. She is so fun and smart, but that's a lot of chasing to try to pull off when I am either feeding the girls, trying to get food ready, or actually taking time to go to the bathroom. And Sydney and Cora love to be held, but that also means if they wake up early from their nap or aren't feeling so good that they need some rocking. It sounds nice, but not with both of them crying, Pele howling at me, Kate bringing me books or blankets and say "help" or "read it," dinner half-way made, and the phone ringing. Moments like that I am laughing and so ready to bawl. I want to sit them all down and say, "I'm only one person and I can't safely hold all of you at the same time, open the oven, feed the dog, and still read to you, Kate." Then you get those nice things in the mail that talk about child development and how important one-on-one time is and holding and loving them, babies only cry when they need something, they need your love and attention, blah blah blah. Advice seems to rarely make new moms feel better.

Moments like that you want to run away screaming "SOMEONE ELSE FIGURE THIS OUT! I'M DOING MY BEST AND I STILL CAN'T KEEP YOU ALL HAPPY!" So we try schedules for these girls and they do work about 50% of the time throughout the day and we do have some good nights. Then I blow it by eating 3 chocolate chip cookies. Flexible schedules - HAH! This schedule and routine bit makes breakfast and dinner and bedtime total marathons. Yet, it is working and it will pass in just a few more short months.

Speaking of months.... So the nine months of my body being eaten alive by my two parasites left me weaker than I ever thought I'd be. I suddenly gained a much better understanding of the patients I'd taken care of before who'd been on bed rest. It seemed like my muscles forgot how to carry my body. I started walking with Kate or Pele when I had friends or family here and only once took everyone when my mom was here. I tried to run, but could only do about three minutes before I had to stop. That is quite humbling when in my head I'm a runner. I used to run the foothills in Salt Lake all the time. But turns out that was over two years ago that I could do that. I've just been walking with Kate and that came to a stop in November when I couldn't go anywhere anymore.

I have learned recovery takes a while and you have to work at it every day and be happy with any progress you make. You can't keep looking at the top of the mountain and be mad or discouraged you're not there yet if you have to start at the bottom. I am determined to be a runner again. I took a brief run/walk today while someone had the girls this morning. I had to get out of the house and I went up one of the side roads. I ran for up to 10 minutes at a time, then walked fast, then ran again up and down these hills, enjoying the many streams and amazed at the amount of litter there is in this little town. For 35 minutes I kept pushing. It sounds so little to anyone who's out running a lot, but I have to focus on where I've been and how far I've come. Fortunately the weather has been very sunny and in the 40's and sometimes 50's, so I've even been out with all of the girls multiple times now. It takes us about 20 minutes to get out the door and actually moving, but we do it. And shoot, if I'm walking around with 10 lbs of baby on my chest and another 10 and 26 lbs in a stroller for at least half an hour I think I'm doing well. Small victories.

Back to the chocolate thing. I switched Kate to formula as soon as she got teeth. I'm hoping to do the same thing with these girls and as soon as that happens I am getting myself some chocolate ice cream and some Lindors dark chocolate truffles. MMmmmm.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 Pounds!

With the best of intentions of updating this thing every week, here we are a month later. They had their 2 month visit this last week and Cora (on the left) was 9 lbs 15.8 oz and Sydney was 10 lbs 2 oz. That's close to double their birth weight! They survived their first shots, and so did I. They are both starting to smile and coo and just melt our hearts every time. I never thought I would start talking so high pitched and silly to see a baby smile, but I do.
Up close and personal with Cora. She still almost always has a deer in the headlights look with her eyes.
And here is miss Sydney lounging around.
Oh, the things pregnancy helps me appreciate. Like being able to make and eat my own food. I found a super easy wheat bread recipe in the paper when we lived in Spokane and have been able to make it almost once a week now (it goes fast). Kate loves to help me cook, do the dishes, and fold laundry. OK, it sounds nice, and she really does love to, but her help is really tasting things, splashing, and unfolding the folded stuff and handing it to me. It may double the time to get it done, but we're having fun. Plus she loves to say "Katie laundry!"
Snitching the peanut butter cookie dough. The reason this blog address has cookie monsters in it is after I had Kate, and now after these girls too, all I want to eat are oatmeal cookies. I would make oatmeal chocolate chip, but Kate couldn't and the twins cannot handle breastmilk if I've eaten chocolate, so we settle for peanut butter or butterscotch chip cookies. They're usually gone within two days. And it's mostly me eating the cookies. How else am I supposed to get the extra 1200 cals I'm supposed to eat to feed the rugrats?
This is because I had to show off her cowgirl shirt. My friend, Ericka, was out here slaving away for a week and we found a whole lot of clothes at a second-hand store here for $2 a piece. This was one of those fine items. Makes me wish I had some boots and a hat for her! (Like she'd keep them on.)
Jeremy had one of those rare post-call Fridays - which means a three day weekend for us if he doesn't sleep that day! So we made a pizza together to celebrate.
Tubby time in the sink. They both make the same funny face and a chirping sound when they first get in the water, I'm just never able to get a picture of it.
I'm not sure if they're telling secrets or Sydney is chomping on Cora's ear, but it's a fun picture.