Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Look Alikes

I really thought I'd figured out how to load pictures, but this one is still sideways. I didn't want to dress these girls in identical outfits before I had them because I wanted to make sure I was seeing them as individuals, plus I thought why make it harder to tell them apart. I love how the Lord has a way of making you eat your words sometimes.
We hit a point a couple of weeks ago where Jeremy could tell the girls apart just by looking at them. I realized I could not. I knew them by outfit and where I'd set who down last, not by looking at them. So I started dressing them in identical outfits and blankets and switching their order around to force myself to look at them long enough to see the difference. I was able to do it after 3 or 4 days of this and thought I was doing pretty good. Then Sunday I decided to put them in their onesies someone had made just for them. One had a C for Cora, and the other an S for Sydney. I think I was really tired when I decided to do this. Halfway through the day I suddenly realized I had them in the wrong shirts. I got them mixed up again. I think they changed clothes when I wasn't looking. I can tell they're going to keep me on my toes.


Melanie said...

:) That's an awesome idea. Can you imagine if you got them mixed up and NEVER really knew which one was which one. :)

Sherpa Boy said...

They're beautiful.