Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kids and School Before We Move

 Our last few months in Montana flew by.  Here's a few of the pictures of the kids and some of what went on at school.  
 Sydney loving Berek. 

 Kathryn posing.  

Cora and Bear making the best of a cold sunny day.   

This is how I could get work done.  As long as I was wearing him, and he always needed to see what was happening.   

After he almost fell off the kitchen counted while in this chair, we decided he couldn't hang out on the counter anymore.   

We will really miss the teachers all of the girls have had at Holy Spirit.  They were incredible teachers.  This is some of the work Mrs. Parker had Sydney and Cora do.  

Look who made it into the paper! 

I was very touched by Cora's tender goals.   

 My wonderful friend, Katie Nau, sent hair ribbons and a onesie with a tie for the kids.  

Mother's Day tea with Sydney and Cora.   

This is how Berek and I got out in the cold.  We love his little Bear suit, which I think is really a monkey suit, but we'll still call it a Bear suit.  

 All three of these girls practiced their songs so hard for the end of year school program.  Kathryn is in the top middle, Sydney bottom left, and Cora below is in the bottom center right.  

The girls loved going with Daddy to his office to leave notes for the people there.  We will miss them.   

 Who doesn't love a good bubble bath?  That's Sydney's beautiful smile.