Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beginning of Summer in Utah

 Part of getting settled in for us involved checking out some of the local hikes.  Here we are close to Snowbasin, on the Green Pond Trail.  

The kids were pretty excited that the yard came with a whole bunch of sand to play in.  Kathryn was the first burial.   

I took the crew up Beus Canyon.  Anytime we can find water we'll call it a win.   

It's nice that we're close enough to have my dad stop by every now and then for lunch in between trips and meetings.   

He keeps growing and loves being a part of everything.   

 We soon found another family was occupying our residence.  There were six baby skunks living under our shed.  They were adorable to watch, but since they do get bigger, we enlisted the help of our neighbor to trap them.  

We had more than just skunks visiting us.  

We got the girls to Lagoon a few times and they loved it.   

 We put the girls to work picking the cherries out of the tree.  Too bad I don't make anything with cherries, but they loved to eat them.  

 Kathryn had quite the growing experiences this summer.  The dentist had to pull out two of her teeth to let more grow in, and she did get new glasses after she had her eye surgery in July.  Her doctor corrected a lot of her eye deviation, and between that and the new glasses her eyesight has significantly improved.  We are so excited for her!

 There is a small farm up in Eden that lets you pet and feed some of the sheep, pigs, kittens, and chickens.  We even got to ride a horse.  

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kids and School Before We Move

 Our last few months in Montana flew by.  Here's a few of the pictures of the kids and some of what went on at school.  
 Sydney loving Berek. 

 Kathryn posing.  

Cora and Bear making the best of a cold sunny day.   

This is how I could get work done.  As long as I was wearing him, and he always needed to see what was happening.   

After he almost fell off the kitchen counted while in this chair, we decided he couldn't hang out on the counter anymore.   

We will really miss the teachers all of the girls have had at Holy Spirit.  They were incredible teachers.  This is some of the work Mrs. Parker had Sydney and Cora do.  

Look who made it into the paper! 

I was very touched by Cora's tender goals.   

 My wonderful friend, Katie Nau, sent hair ribbons and a onesie with a tie for the kids.  

Mother's Day tea with Sydney and Cora.   

This is how Berek and I got out in the cold.  We love his little Bear suit, which I think is really a monkey suit, but we'll still call it a Bear suit.  

 All three of these girls practiced their songs so hard for the end of year school program.  Kathryn is in the top middle, Sydney bottom left, and Cora below is in the bottom center right.  

The girls loved going with Daddy to his office to leave notes for the people there.  We will miss them.   

 Who doesn't love a good bubble bath?  That's Sydney's beautiful smile.  

Sunday, March 13, 2016

House Hunting

Oh my goodness, March brought a week of house shopping for Berek and I.  We left Lindsay in charge of the girls, Jeremy at work, and Bear and I headed south on an airplane to begin a very long house hunt.  We looked at houses as far north as Pleasant View, North Ogden, then over into Eden.  After that we saw some in Ogden, Mountain Green, Layton, Kaysville, and Farmington.  It was a lot of running around.  On day three we started the day at a house Jeremy and I had seen online and written off because it was more than what we wanted to spend.  I hardly paid any attention to the house, but once I left I kept remembering one of the upstairs bedrooms and all of the trees.  They would not leave my mind, but I couldn't remember the rest of the house.  So I went back the next day before we saw another list of houses.  I paid more attention, but still wasn't planning on going forward with it and could remember very little of it while I talked to Jeremy on the phone that night.  So we went back again a third time.  It was huge.  It was not what we were planning, but of all the homes we looked at, it was the only one that felt right.  So here are some of the pictures I took before we put in the offer and headed home.  

This was the room that would not leave my mind.  The two closets, two beds, and the bathroom had me thinking of the twins.  This was their room.  This is where they would be teenagers.  

 Beautiful deck with and acre of land surrounding the house, all lined with trees.  

This connects the yard out to the main road, giving us a shortcut so we can walk to church, school, and piano.  

 This is the path back to the garden. 

 The amazing fire pit.  

Complete with its own front porch swing.  

It was a nightmare to obtain a loan because we were changing jobs and the federal government had just changed rules for obtaining loans.  I visited six banks, three credit unions, and five mortgage companies.  We finally found a bank willing to work with us and mountains were moved.  We were very guided to find this home and will be moving in 
May 20, 2016.  

Sunday, February 28, 2016

In the Mean Time......

Our trip to California became a great way for our family to celebrate some exciting news.  Jeremy was offered a position with the MountainWest Anesthesia group at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden Utah.  As soon as we got home we had to start planning our move.  Here's a few random pictures between California and the next step.  

More exciting news!  Lindsay got her mission call to the California, Bakersfield Mission, leaving in the middle of March.  We were pretty excited for her!!!!

I can't even remember why, but Kathryn needed stitches for something.  I think her glasses got smashed into her face.  Can I tell you how excited we are to move closer to a pediatric ophthalmologist and not have to drive 3 hours?

Cora dancing with her brother.  

Sydney feeding her brother.   


Cora showing us her amazing sense of style.