Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beginning of Summer in Utah

 Part of getting settled in for us involved checking out some of the local hikes.  Here we are close to Snowbasin, on the Green Pond Trail.  

The kids were pretty excited that the yard came with a whole bunch of sand to play in.  Kathryn was the first burial.   

I took the crew up Beus Canyon.  Anytime we can find water we'll call it a win.   

It's nice that we're close enough to have my dad stop by every now and then for lunch in between trips and meetings.   

He keeps growing and loves being a part of everything.   

 We soon found another family was occupying our residence.  There were six baby skunks living under our shed.  They were adorable to watch, but since they do get bigger, we enlisted the help of our neighbor to trap them.  

We had more than just skunks visiting us.  

We got the girls to Lagoon a few times and they loved it.   

 We put the girls to work picking the cherries out of the tree.  Too bad I don't make anything with cherries, but they loved to eat them.  

 Kathryn had quite the growing experiences this summer.  The dentist had to pull out two of her teeth to let more grow in, and she did get new glasses after she had her eye surgery in July.  Her doctor corrected a lot of her eye deviation, and between that and the new glasses her eyesight has significantly improved.  We are so excited for her!

 There is a small farm up in Eden that lets you pet and feed some of the sheep, pigs, kittens, and chickens.  We even got to ride a horse.  

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