Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Picture Time

This is almost two month's worth of pictures, people. I hope you enjoy!

Look who wants to brush her teeth! Every time she sees me brushing she pulls on my leg until I let her brush her teeth. This was still in Spokane.
Ah, the beautiful Gray Canyon. This is what I was doing the week I left Jeremy with Kate in Salt Lake.

Here's the Burn Camp staff photo.

These, I believe, are called pectogliphs (sorry, not a historian or speller). We stopped on one of the hikes to check these out and I am always so amazed by them and very curious what they mean.

This is the incredible storm that came rolling in as we were pulling out at the end of the trip. Thunder, hail, it was awesome! Actually, because it rained nearly every day is what I think kept me in such good shape for the trip. Pregnancy for me with heat is a BAD combo. I was 7 1/2 weeks preggo for this trip.

Now we're onto Jeremy and Jeff's (Jeremy's dad) cross-country venture. They figured they'd get a couple of Royal's games in while they were on their merry way.

He's pretty good looking, isn't he?

They also stopped in Palmyra. You're looking at the Sacred Grove and the Palmyra, NY temple in the background.

Fast forward a few weeks to our new house and me not being able to find Pele in our backyard, but I could hear her. I finally figure out she found a way to get under the deck. Now she's got her own little cave to hang out it (plus I think she keeps the skunks and raccoons away).
Our second weekend on the East Coast was the 4th of July and we were in Cape Cod. This was Kate's first time in the ocean and she thought she was in heaven.
All of us enjoying our beach time that wiped me out so bad I was out cold on the floor of the house while everyone saw the fireworks at the beach.

Fast forward another month to Kate's birthday party. Thank heavens for family! This was the weekend my parents and sister Melissa with her husband, Jon, and their son, Van, stayed with us and did miracles for this house! We had a lot of fun, but I could hardly do a thing because it got so hot. So my mom made the cake and Jon and Melissa cut it out and decorated it. I was so impressed. Kate was, but she started to cry because she was so stinking tired. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to?

This is part of the amazing garden we were left. For the entire month of July there were orange, red, and yellow lilies everywhere and now we have what I think are called black-eyed susans. And Pele is sneezing. I think I should mention that that dog has learned out to let herself in and out of the screen door. I'm so impressed.
This is beautiful Kate. You can somewhat see how curly her hair is. Every time it rains she's a total curly Sue. She now has 4 top teeth and the same 2 bottom teeth.
A slightly better view of the hair.
This is daddy and the Bug at Lake Sunapee last weekend. If we could just teach her to quit trying to drink the water. She just throws her face in it then comes up coughing and looking at you like, why am I drowning? Love that little Bug.


Melanie said...

She's growing up so fast. I can't believe it. How are you feeling?

Melissa said...

Oh so cute, I love the birthday cake photo! And I love love love her hair! I can't get over the cute curls! It was good to see you, I hope you're feeling better and keeping up with that cute, crazy, walking girl of yours! Tell Term hi for me! We miss him. :(

Michele said...

JAMI! I totally didn't even know that you were pregnant with twins! (I just read your other post... and actually Amy Lou told me right before she left for Iraq and I haven't even called you yet! I'm so NOT a good prima!) I'm SO excited for you and I hope I got some of those twin genes too because I would love to have twins! I love you and miss you! ...and by the way Kate is absolutely beautiful.