Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Month

Here's my mom, one of my most favorite people in the world and a total life-saver. She has a gift for handling the little people and a post-baby daughter. Plus she's beautiful and fun.
Here's my mom getting ready to take Katie Lou on a walk.

Three generations of women. Out of control.
So taking a walk is possible. Cora's on my chest and Sydney's next to Kate. My mom helped this time around and we haven't all been out again because it's so cold and windy, but we'll be out walking again as soon as it's not below freezing!
This would be what Katie does to entertain herself when I'm feeding the girls once my mom left. The bookshelf looked the same. Good thing she can't reach the dishes yet.
And because we hit the one month mark, I thought I'd put up some pictures to see how they've changed. This is day one. Sydney is on the left and Cora the right. Week 1: Sydney on the left and Cora on the right.
Week 2: same order. They weighed in Sydney just over 6 lbs and Cora just under.
This is week 3, same order of Sydney on the left and Cora on the right.

Week 4, same order. They look bigger, but can you really tell a difference other than the fingernail polish on Cora?

And one month. These girls have grown. I'm curious how much they weigh. They've filled out a bit more, but we are still struggling to tell a difference if they're not side by side. Sydney's head is a bit more elongated, but it's evening out. Cora's hair seems a bit lighter, but you always wonder if it's the light they're in.
I thought I figured out how to turn the picture, but I guess not. At least both of their eyes are open.
And we are still surviving. They're awake more at night than I appreciate and Jeremy's gotten more sleep on call at the hospital some nights than when he gets up with these girls. But of all the things that could be hard about a baby, I'd take the lack of sleep. Kate calls them by name, or babies or twins, then says, "wah-wah." She'll kiss their heads and try to wipe their mouths with a burp cloth. Unfortunately, they puke as much as she did. Pele's patiently waiting for some to hit the floor one of these days for her to beat me to it and lick it up. Jeremy's mom is here to help us right now and we sure appreciate it. My cell phone, however, has suffered a tragic death in the process of all of this. We now have a land-line that I will gladly e-mail to anyone who needs my number because I don't think I'll be getting a new cell phone for a few weeks still. Someday I'll start posting my deep thoughts again as well, but right now I'm just getting the pictures up.


Julie said...

Thanks for taking the time to post. I don't know how you find it, but I'm glad you do. We've been thinking much of you.

Melanie said...

They are beautiful and are growing so fast.

I'm glad you have help. So glad.

Michele said...

Wow you are a champ!! Thanks for your example!

Melissa said...

YAY! Pictures!! They are so dang CUTE Jami! And no, I can't tell the difference. Seriously. Twinners for sure. I love their perfect little faces. :) I have no idea how you do it, but you're awesome! Wow. I'm amazed. But I'm totally bummed that your phone died! Um, yeah! Email me a number to call you at!!! Glad to see you're alive and I'd love to hear all the fun and gory details, so let's talk soon! (I canNOT believe it's already been a month, that's crazy!)

Kristin said...

I love those beautiful girls! I am also very impressed by your physical ability to keep up, plus your bubbly attitude through it all (I'm sure it's all worth it but I'm sure it's tiring). Thanks for the update- I like to read about it and I love the topic of childbirth. I guess we can still be close even if we live far away!

Camille English said...

So sweet! We have our new little one. Having one is so easy compared to what your going through. It seems like your doing an amazing job though, they're precious.

Sherpa Boy said...

I love the picture of you taking a walk with the double stroller, baby strapped onto your chest, and your dog by your side. Unbelievable! I have no excuse not to get outside and walk anymore. Inspiring. Cheers! Steve