Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photos for the Grandparents

This was looking out our kitchen window a few week ago. I'm SO glad that it's getting warmer!
Look, a diaper party. Don't ask me which one's which.

This was from some time last week. It was nice enough we decided to play with the remnants of last year's side-walk chalk. It's one of the few pictures of her smiling face.
This was today. We reached 56 the last time I looked at the thermometer. So out we went and I thought a wagon ride would get us a little farther than our shared driveway.
However, as cute as they were, this is what I got every time I tried to get them to look at me for a picture.
Nothing says spring fun like a puddle and a stick. Yes, those are pink boots.

She had to keep dancing with her stick in the air, then tell me she was "running amok."

Cora's action shot.
Sydney's having her fun time in the puddle.
And this is Sydney pointing out the helicopter.

Another action shot of the lovely ladies. Everyone was in tears when we had to come in. But I tell you what, there is something amazing about being able to move around outside for the fun of it, not just to keep warm.


Camille English said...

I am itching for Spring!! I love the tiny water bottle in Cora's hands we play with empty Peanut Butter jars at our house :)

Melanie said...

I cant WAIT for sping. Neither can my little ones. UGH! Winter GO AWAY!

Julie said...

They are adorable. I don't know how you tell them apart! Don't you LOVE watching them discover?