Saturday, December 6, 2014


 Sydney has become miss independent with her new hair do.  She is very proud that she can bathe herself.  I took the twins for another hike to Memorial Falls for one of our good weather days.  

In a desperate attempt to recreate a New Hampshire pumpkin picking experience I drove the girls 3 hours to Bozeman to the closest pumpkin patch I could find.  It was really nothing like New Hampshire, but we did it and got our pumpkins.  Little did we know how many pumpkins we would have this year.   

Here was our one and only leaf pile before the wind blew it away.  
 Jeremy celebrated his 35th birthday.  I gave up making a cake and instead brought home a tasty ice cream cake.  
 Jeremy had the day off when Cora and Sydney's preschool went to a local nursery for a hay ride.  
 Their school also did a dance for us a few days later.  
 Halloween was a huge success for these girls.  That was the longest they've been out, but Cora got tired and walked home by herself (OK, so I was home and Jeremy was four houses away, but she was proud).  

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