Monday, July 20, 2015

The Utah Excursion

This was a long, whirlwind trip for us.  I left with the girls just before the fourth of July.  We didn't have much of a camera for half of the trip, so there weren't a lot of pictures.  We started off our Fourth going to the Cedar City Fourth of July Parade.  The streets were packed and the parade was pretty good.  Their favorite part may have been getting sprayed by the fire trucks at the end of the parade.  

Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Kait were a lot of fun to hang out with, they even shared their sparklers and fireworks.  

A lot happened while we were there.  I was able to connect with an old Badger Creek friend who I had not realized had been living in Cedar City for the last eight years.  My parents also took us to a cabin for a couple of days.  That turned into a series of sleepless nights for all of us with the girls waking up about every 30 minutes, but they loved being there, and the stars were amazing.

Aunt Ann made it to Cedar the next night with her family.  The cousins had a wonderful time playing together, but my pregnant brain struggled with so much chaos.  I may or may not have had a couple of breakdowns.  

Jeremy flew into St. George that Friday night.  My dad was very kind and got us a hotel room so we could have a night alone.  We made it to the temple the next morning, then headed home to the kiddos.  

We were able to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Great as well.  Katie was able to look through a telescope at Venus, Jupiter, and I think Neptune thanks to some of my dad's friends.  It was wonderful to spend time together with so much family.  

We left Sunday after church to start the second leg of our trip, Lake Powell with Uncle Gregg, Aunt Jenny, and her family.  They were so kind to let us camp with them and use the houseboat.  Those girls had so much fun swimming and playing with so many cousins.  I think Jeremy really needed the play time.  

Katie got to work on her waterskiing skills.  

 We had an amazing time, but it ended a little rough.  The heat was really getting to me, the twins got heat exhaustion, and Jeremy pulled his hamstring.  It made for an interesting rest of the trip.  We had to keep making sure the girls were cool, icing Jeremy's leg and letting him rest, and I was miraculously blessed with the strength to take care of all of them.  We were able to see all of the family in Salt Lake, but we were definitely ready to sleep in our own beds and have a routine again.  Ah, the memories we're making. 

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