Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Fun

Just getting in the pictures of some family fun.  

We decided to take a family hike to one of the dams, then out to a sulfur spring.  Sydney helped her pregnant mama along after papa bear took Cora and Katie up ahead.  

Katie wanted to sketch the spring for us.  

We were very happy that the girls and pregnant mama especially made it for all 3.2 miles of the hike.  Though we were less than impressed with the mosquitos we had to battle.  

Sydney and Cora getting a ride from Lindsay.  

Pele caught herself a squirrel.  She brought in the leg long enough for me to see her with it and follow her back out to see her proud display of what was left of her prey.  She was so proud, and so was I.  Our dog is still a mighty hunter.  She may be terrified of wind and lightning, but she could at least fend for herself in the wild.  

We caught our first family football game.  The Great Falls Bisons is our local high school team.  I think the girls had more fun pretending to be cheerleaders and they had at least twenty questions each.  It was a good family date night.  

I took the girls to Giant Springs Park to enjoy the rest of their Saturday last week.  We found a lot of snails, fed and touched fish, and played with a lot of other peoples' dogs.  

 I was very happy to find these wonderful jackets at the goodwill store in town.  The girls were so excited to wear them!

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Melanie said...

Super fun! You all look so great and having a great time too!