Sunday, March 13, 2016

House Hunting

Oh my goodness, March brought a week of house shopping for Berek and I.  We left Lindsay in charge of the girls, Jeremy at work, and Bear and I headed south on an airplane to begin a very long house hunt.  We looked at houses as far north as Pleasant View, North Ogden, then over into Eden.  After that we saw some in Ogden, Mountain Green, Layton, Kaysville, and Farmington.  It was a lot of running around.  On day three we started the day at a house Jeremy and I had seen online and written off because it was more than what we wanted to spend.  I hardly paid any attention to the house, but once I left I kept remembering one of the upstairs bedrooms and all of the trees.  They would not leave my mind, but I couldn't remember the rest of the house.  So I went back the next day before we saw another list of houses.  I paid more attention, but still wasn't planning on going forward with it and could remember very little of it while I talked to Jeremy on the phone that night.  So we went back again a third time.  It was huge.  It was not what we were planning, but of all the homes we looked at, it was the only one that felt right.  So here are some of the pictures I took before we put in the offer and headed home.  

This was the room that would not leave my mind.  The two closets, two beds, and the bathroom had me thinking of the twins.  This was their room.  This is where they would be teenagers.  

 Beautiful deck with and acre of land surrounding the house, all lined with trees.  

This connects the yard out to the main road, giving us a shortcut so we can walk to church, school, and piano.  

 This is the path back to the garden. 

 The amazing fire pit.  

Complete with its own front porch swing.  

It was a nightmare to obtain a loan because we were changing jobs and the federal government had just changed rules for obtaining loans.  I visited six banks, three credit unions, and five mortgage companies.  We finally found a bank willing to work with us and mountains were moved.  We were very guided to find this home and will be moving in 
May 20, 2016.  

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