Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shout Out to Mom (and the Sorensen Sisters)

Being Mother's Day, I have to write a tribute to my mom. First of all, just the trip out to NH for the house hunt would have been a NIGHTMARE without her to help out with baby Kate and take care of both of us when we were sick. My mom is truly an angel. She let me be the free-spirited child I was (and still am) from day one, and taught me over and over again to trust myself and believe in myself. In so many ways she taught me that I can do anything my heart desires if I have the diligence to work for it. She taught charity through her example of caring for so many other people because they needed it, not because there was any particular reward in it. My mom constantly taught me it is your choice to be happy where you are and with what you have and to not covet. She's always had an attitude of gratitude and been quick to point out the positive things of life. She taught me a great love of learning, being curious about things, and to not be critical of others. She taught me it's always more important what the Lord thinks of you and what you've done than what others do. She taught me to have faith, when I pray and when I act, that things will work out for the better. She taught me to be patient (although I still have a long way to go on that one!), and she taught me to laugh when things fall apart, but that it's perfectly OK to cry, too.
I want to say how grateful I am for my sisters as well. Ann and Melissa have been such great examples and friends to me in so many ways. How well they mother their own children, how often they listen to me, and I love that we can laugh about all the same lame movie lines!
Lest anyone thinks my family is perfect, we have definitely had our moments. I fought with everyone A LOT when I was in middle and high school, and we still disagree on somethings, but thank goodness for that! They help me be a better person and I love them. Happy Mother's Day Sorensen clan!

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Melissa said...

Oh man I need to get on it and go write a tribute post to you guys now!! How depressing that I'm so far behind in the blog world. :( Thanks for your kind words, and for how well you wrote everything about Mom, she deserves it!