Sunday, May 10, 2009

Victory and Pictures

It's a Christmas miracle! OK, so it's not Christmas, but this house was definitely a miracle for us! We found it the last day we were there, put an offer on it and within 3 hours we were under a contract! Jeremy said this home is like me - very unique and full of personality.

I don't think the fence will contain Pele, but it should work for Kate! I can't thank the Koffords or my mom enough for this trip. The Koffords for the bed, the food, the fun, and the advice and help I needed to make a wise decision. And my mom for keeping me sane and taking care of us.

Kate and her cousin James.

I got to watch Adyn and Ella play T-ball.

Grandpa Huntington was able to calm tired Kate down on the horse.

Miss Bug busted into our fruit we bought for lunch while we were driving home to eat it.

My niece, Kaylee, can fly aparently. I always wished I could when I was a kid.

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Melissa said...

OH my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house!! It's perfect! It looks like all the houses I see around here and dream that we could buy (and if it weren't a matter of being in debt for the rest of our lives plus 30 years after we're both dead and gone, then maybe we'd do it) and I love it. It's beautiful Jami! I can't wait to come visit!

And I can't get over how big James, Kaylee and Kate are. Man, they get big fast. It makes me miss everyone! :( I need a trip home or something!