Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothing Like Company That's Not Really Coming....

So Tuesday night Jeremy and I found out we would be hosting a new resident family that's house hunting for a week. They were coming Wednesday. We were excited to have them stay with us because of the generosity of other families helping us to get here. But I was a little stressed about it. OK, I was bawling my eyes out Wednesday morning. The girls had puked all over me (nothing like a sour-milk smell to make a first impression), and Katie wouldn't let me finish cleaning anything so I just started sobbing. Then Katie comes up to me and says, "Mommy sad. Mommy tears. Mommy crying." She's observant, I'll give her that. Well, I didn't give up. I worked my tail off and had the bathroom clean, the floors swept, mopped, and vacuumed, and even had a huge dinner made just in time to find out there was a huge mix up and they weren't really staying with us. Jeremy and I had to just laugh about it. Nothing like total strangers coming to get you to clean your house. At least we can enjoy that and plenty of left-overs.
Katie loves to play in the little fountain we have in the middle of our garden - which means she ends up getting a little dirty. I couldn't help taking this picture - she's so beautiful! She picked our first flower for us, that's the tulip in her hand.
This is Cora getting on Pele's level. Or Pele on Cora's. I can't believe how strong her little neck is! Although tummy time usually creates excess vomit. That's the real reason Pele's so calmly waiting.
Kate's hair cracks me up here. We'd had her hair up in a pony-tail the day before, and the day we took this picture she looked like I'd had her hair in rollers. Two hair-do days for the effort of one. I like it.

And just a quick message from Cora and Sydney. To love and believe are two of the greatest joys in this life. I am constantly relearning not to get too caught up in day-to-day life to forget that.


Michele said...

haha I love the poof hair, what a gorgeous little girl you have! All 3! But bummer about all the clean up and dinner and no one came to stay. Wish we could have come visit! :)

Sandy and Marc said...

Hang in the Jami! At least when all was said and done you had a clean house and dinner to enjoy :0)
You have such beautiful girls! I enjoy seeing them grow! Hope to see you soon.