Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg Hunting

We had a lovely Easter, and Katie was happy to look for Easter Eggs. This was the point she decided her basket was too full and she dumped it all out.

I bought (I mean the Easter Bunny brought) a puppy with bunny ears for each of the girls. Kate picked them out at the store and couldn't stop kissing the puppies and I suckered into it. It gets easier to say no when they get bigger, right? Oh, well. I figure at $3 a piece, this was an OK splurge.


Michele said...

Yay! You look so cute, I love your hair! And I'm pretty sure it's okay to splurge on the girls for Easter, they deserve it. :) They are getting so big. I wish I could see them before they're not little anymore but what can ya do!

Melanie said...

$3.00 is an excellent splurge. Besides, they look so cute with them. What a fun Easter.

The Griner said...

I can't believe how big the girls are getting. I think they all look just like you. Looks like you had a great Easter. Miss ya.