Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't laugh. OK, you can laugh. I cried. But I can laugh now. You see the above creatures? So did my dog. Pele got arrested today. You want the long story? We had some roofers over today working on our house. They had to go in the back yard to plug in some of their tools and didn't quite get the gate closed. I didn't know and Pele escaped. Since Jeremy was gone and I had the three girls I couldn't go and chase her, we just said a quick prayer that she'd come home to us.

Our prayer was answered, just not as smoothly as I would have hoped. After several attempts to call her in from the porch I had to put the girls in their beds for naps. As I was upstairs I looked out the window and saw her running towards the house. I race downstairs to lure her in with a treat and as I open the door I found she was being followed by a police officer and a small group of people. Turns out a neighbor a few houses down had a couple of chickens in a coop outside and Pele found them. The neighbor was not home, but the kids next door were and they watched her rip the wire off and kill the chickens. So they called the police. None of them knew who the dog belonged to, they just followed her, then told me what happened. It is against city ordinances to have a dog off leash out of your yard. Hence, Pele was to be summoned to court (which entails being arrested for those who didn't know it), but due to the fact she is a dog, I was to be in her place. No handcuffs people, just had to take down my information, get my ID. The officer felt SO BAD. His dog had done the same thing. I cried and cried, I felt bad for the chickens, the lady who owned them (who we could not find), for Pele because she's just following her instincts and is not so sure why she's in trouble, for the roofers because they saw me just cry and cry and they hadn't meant to leave the gate open, and I didn't know what to do.

The owner of the chickens came home later today and I went and apologized to her and now that I'm several hours out of the incidence I can really laugh about it. I don't know if it's me or Pele who now has the criminal record. Either way, this will make for great memories. But I wonder if we ever take her across state lines would that make her a fugitive? Or me?

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In Good Company said...

Oh poor Pele and Jami. That was a fun story. love ya, Christine