Sunday, July 24, 2011

Water is Good

This is week two of attempting this post and the computer is determined to thwart me. Consider my comments the cliff notes version of everything. Second week of July I took the girls to southern Vermont to visit family of a friend and we had a blast! It was so beautiful, I fell in love with Vermont all over again. We swam in the family pond there and there is something magical about diving into fresh water. Here's some pics of the girls in the water.

That's Cora's head above with Katie and this is Sydney below. Jeremy and I have been working with them and these girls are fearless in the water. That has its' goods and its' bads for now, but will serve us well later. Right now we do a head count every 5-10 seconds, which makes for very segmented conversation with anyone.

Cora, Katie, the three friends of theirs, and Sydney. They loved the popsicles.

And this beautiful lake before you is none other than Winnipesaki (I hope I spelled that right). We went there the next day with Jeremy to stay with his cousin's family for the weekend. It was amazing. Such a huge lake, but if felt like no one was there because of all the tree coverage and the shape of the coastline. The water was amazing to play in! Thanks, Sarah and Brian for inviting us!

Katie would run around holding a stick on her head and telling us she was a unicorn shooting water at us through her horn. Jeremy was reciprocating her love.


We made it home again. I had an awesome picture of Cora scowling, but I can't figure this computer out and it got lost somewhere. So we have Katie above and Sydney below.

The water is such a nice break in the 95 degree weather (no one has central air here, except the library). Our kids are covered with bumps and bruises all the time, I feel like I'm doing a good job letting them explore. The girls still have a very small vocabulary. They say "hot," "woof," and "uh-oh." Mama and dada go in and out of being used for a person, let alone the right one. Katie can sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. She and I were sitting on the porch watching bees get the pollen out of our lavender bush a couple of days ago. I've tried so hard not to teach her to fear bugs and it's so amazing to watch her watch the bees. She gets so close to them and just studies them. Then we talk about what she sees and it's so simple, yet so beautiful. I guess that sounds strange to many people, but I want my girls to know and understand how important every living thing in the world is. I want them to have that respect for life. And it humbles me to see that start to grow in them.

There's so much more I meant to post for the month of July. Right now I can hardly remember what happened. Katie's turning three next Saturday and I'm hoping I at least remember to get a cake-mix. At least we will be out of the three under three phase. Which was still a lot better than three under two. I better close. Here's to hoping for more postings in the month of August.

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Sarah said...

You're Welcome! So glad you guys made it. So, what I've heard is that there are 50 different ways to spell Winnepesauke so odds are the spelling you used is one of them. The spelling I just used is the way you'll see it on hoodies, etc.

Happy Birthday Katie! Hope it was a good one!

I also enjoyed your last post. I almost grabbed that book at Goodwill and now I wish I had! Library, here I come...