Sunday, November 17, 2013

Can't Quite Call it a Corn Maze, Honey's B-Day, and Halloween

We heard there was a corn maze in Vaughn and made the drive to see the corn maze and pick pumpkins.  I was a little disappointed since the corn was not quite waist high in most places and there was no pumpkin picking available, but the kids had a great time.  
 The girls got on top of a hay bale maze that was a lot of fun to jump over.  
 Rubber duckie races with Daddy.  
 They did have pumpkins there and there girls were pretty excited to bring them home.  
 Syd being a farm girl.  
 Cora ridin' Susie Q.  
 So happy.  
 Check out that moon rise.  
 Here's the amazing store bought cake.  The day was made crazier by lack of a car (it was getting the check engine light figured out) for most of the day.  But we had a good time.  Happy 34th Honey!  The best part was he had already taken his oral boards a few weeks before and we found out sooner than expected and he passed!  34 years old and he's done with school and tests!  Something to celebrate for sure.  
 The girls helped me rake leaves to help them earn money to buy bikes.  Too bad Katie was stung by a bee seconds after I took this picture.  And, by the way, I HATE crab-apple trees.  The girls would say I shouldn't say hate, but those are messy, messy trees and no fun to rake up the mushy things.    

 The twins in their favorite "booteeful spin dresses" and my boots.  
 I had great intentions of making Rainbow Brite costumes for Halloween this year, but things came up and I was glad last year's witches outfits were still wearable.  Add a new $3 hat and they were more than happy to be witches again.  
 Throwing darts at the ward Halloween Carnival.  Jeremy actually got four balloons with three darts.  That's how he gets the IVs in at work, just stands back and throws them like darts.  He's just that good.  

 So funny to watch this little girl go for that doughnut!  

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