Sunday, November 17, 2013

From Early October

It stayed warm most of the month.  We were definitely busy with the day to day things.  Here's Cora and Syd.  They love dress up, especially if they get to wear their mother's shoes.   
 The art wall:
 I have to take advantage of every sunny day, even if it's a cold wind.  We went behind the Lewis and Clark Center to go "fishing" with their sticks and "explore the little canyon."

 This is a little spot just above Giant Springs and is a wonderful place to play.  It's protected from the wind, there's water, but it's not a big deal if they fall in it.  

 Pele was with us and NOT amused at having to stop so many places.  She was ready to run every direction.  Poor dog.  And below we have that beautiful Missouri River.  If you ask Cora it's called the "moouri river."
 My super tiny bag I use for a purse that my sister gave me when she got back from Argentina 8 years ago started to fall apart - so I made a new one.  Syd is modeling it for me.  
 All dressed up and so much work to do.  I bought a couple of rakes for the kids, too bad they broke within days.  Jabby.  

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