Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Pictures

Dinner brings out deep thoughts in all of us.

Katie Bug and I getting ready for the ward chili cook-off.

We have graduated from the sink to the tub and we have to fight to keep her from drinking the tub water and attacking the drain.

This is baby sign language at its' best. Since Jeremy and I pick her up by her clothes all the time, this has become her way of asking us to pick her up now. Any time she wants to be held she holds her shirt out to us and squaks.

Peas seem to be the least capable of staying in her mouth. She tends to smear them everywhere and before we're done they're in her eyebrows, eyes, ears, and hair, and she's sneezing them out before the night's over.

So I cut my hair this week. This is the before picture.

This is after. I couldn't get the wind-blown, airbrushed touches added, but I think my smile is bigger.

Rocking out with the girls. She loves Shakira, Indigo Girls, and the Dixie Chicks. I'm still trying to sell her on John Denver. Pele doesn't care, as long as she can catch any runnaway throw-up.

This is where I stick the Bug if I need a few minutes to get ready for the day and Pele wants to be off duty.

I'm trying to break her in early. With Dr. Dad and Nurse Mom, she's kind of a little guinea pig for us. Really, we just like listening to her because it's fun.
Look! She's starting to sit up on her own!

This is one of our favorite things - she's laughing and smiling!

The girl's a little book-worm. She loves to hold books and look at them. We have fun reading to her.

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