Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pics

Our little Katie Bug suddenly learned how to grab 2 things at the same time and she was just amazed at this! She sat forever just playing with these eggs at an Easter egg hunt.
It was still pretty cool, so we're in our jackets, and we're thinking next year she'll be walking (and stumbling) around trying to find Easter eggs with the best of them. Which, by the way, I learned that eggs, bunnies, and the term Easter, are actually refering to a pagan goddess of fertility that was celebrated around springtime and they merged that with Christianity during the time of Passover and that's how we have Easter.

Here's Papa with his girl.

Although it doesn't show, this beautiful dress was puked on the SECOND I put it on her. We had banana, oatmeal, and formula coming up all three hours of church. It was AWESOME.

Here's Kate enjoying her pagan goodies. She thinks plastic eggs are the coolest. She chases them all over since they keep rolling away from her. The weird thing is, Pele has never touched any of Kate's toys, our shoes, even the food storage we have stacked on our floor, but she's suddenly decided she loves plastic easter eggs. She's chewed on two of them and we stopped her from eating more, but they're not even the one's that had candy in them. They're just empty plastic eggs. Go figure.


Julie said...

Oh my gosh. Could she be any cuter???

Mary-Kathryn and Andres: said...

I love your blog.. I can actually learn things from it...SO REFRESHING! Kate is SO cute...puke and all. I am sure she keeps you smiling. Take care:)