Monday, April 27, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

John Denver has a way with words. So Little Kate and I are leaving in a few hours. We'll stop and visit family for a few days before we meet up with my mom and head out to the unknown land of New Hampshire and Vermont to do some house hunting. After looking at maps, house listings, jobs, and even the Craig's List out there for over a year, it's a little bizarre to realize I'm just a few days away from doing the real deal. We have prayed, studied, saved as much cashola as possible, called people, e-mailed, and done every other thing I think possible to prepare us for this. We want to buy a house. We're hoping to have at least one other munchkin while we're there, maybe another dog, and have room for people to visit. I had no idea how much goes into buying a house. Is the water public, or a well? Is it oil heat, wood stove, propane, or pellet stove? Why are the property taxes $1,000 more than the one down the street? Do we want to live in the woods with a lot of trails and fun things to do in the summer or more in town so we can be closer to people? Condo or house? Are we OK with no garage when everything will be iced over for 5-6 months of the year and Jeremy has to be a the hospital at 6:00am? So many questions, that I'm really excited about figuring out. I'm so glad my mom is coming with me. Feeding someone who's off of breast milk, but not quite ready for mac and cheese is a little daunting for a 10 day trip with 4 flights involved. We'll have to see how miss mobility handles sitting on a plane for a few hours. I hope well. I also hope I pick a house Jeremy will love since he won't see it till we're there for keeps. We are really thrilled about going to Dartmouth. Nervous, excited, and sometimes we think we're crazy. We will see what happens. But I don't think I'll be writing anything on the blog for about two weeks, and by then we should have something settled! Oh, the anticipation!

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Camille English said...

I was doing some browsing and found your blog! Congratulations on the House Hunt. It is crazy, Chris and I just went through it for the first time. Waiting for it to close has been the hardest part, waiting...
Anyway just stopping by. We will miss you guys, I think I hear how sweet and cute Katie is every Sunday from Chris.

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