Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Lost Summer

After waiting forever to get these uploaded, I'm remember why I haven't been blogging for so long.  I figured I better get something posted about our summer adventures, and, unfortunately, the pictures are backwards because blogger has changed on me and I have to figure this all out again.  

Adventure to Lake George:  So last February (maybe?) I read the book The Last of the Mohicans because a friend mentioned one of the main characters was named Cora and that she was an awesome character.  It was a really good book for any looking for something new to read, but you have to get through a very long and boring first chapter first.  Anyway, turns out it's historical fiction and took place just over two hours west of us.  We went to the town Glens Falls that had the cave that was in the book (I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know about that), there in the middle of a river, surrounded by factories and the town.  Then we drove up to Lake George to Fort William Henry.  It's now a big resort town and it was so strange to see all of the fancy cars and hotels and realizing there had been a horrific massacre there centuries before.  I got the girls out and we played at the lake.  The drive was unbelievable.  Anyone who only thinks of New York as a big city needs to see upstate New York.  It was rolling hills, rivers, farms, forests.... I was glad we made the trip.  

Here are some pics from Katie's 4th birthday.  She still sleeps with this pink castle stuffed with 5 ponies on her bed.  

And these are pictures of lakes of the clouds.  I think I mentioned Jeremy and I did Mt. Washington for our anniversary, and now I'm finally getting the pictures up.  The lakes are maybe a few hundred feet below the summit?  I don't know, but you're up there.  

I had to get pictures of our garden in.  It was another mostly successful year.  We branched out with green beans (which we loved), beets (which I never really found something to do with), and all kinds of delicious tomato plants.  Pele remained citation free this year, much to my relief.  

 That funky striped tomato is called a pear tomato.  They were yummy.  

I had to put a picture of Katie in a bonnet in.  Our church congregation had a primary activity for Pioneer Day (only known to us Mormons outside of Utah) and someone had an extra bonnet for Katie to where.  Love that girl.  

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