Sunday, December 6, 2009


I know, we're two holidays late for this one, but I was so proud of the ghost I had up for Halloween that I had to put a picture of it up. Nothing like a garbage bag and a Sharpie to get you decked out for Halloween.
This is one of my favorite people. Ginny was my VT companion in Spokane and she came out and slaved away for me for a few days. Kate adored her and it was fun to have someone in the house who wanted to jabber as much as I did. Thank you Ginny!

I never got a picture of my sister, but she came the week after Ginny and was such a lifesaver for us! She put up the Christmas decorations, made some awesome food, all while entertaining not just my own child, but her one year old as well. Here's Kate's cousin, Van and he loved playing with Pele and getting on the Christmas decoration boxes. Melissa was a total rock star. Not that I enjoy this more perma-bed rest situation, but I sure get a lot more company coming to visit!
Ah, our beautiful daughter. So we dressed her up in Ute shirt and pants so we could show the picture to her BYU Grandpa, but let us say she does not like to hold still for pictures. Melissa caught this beautiful pose for us.
Now she's happier. Good thing, or her grandpa might make some suggestion about her scowl having to do with wearing red and white instead of blue. Bah.
This girl is obsessed with coats. She finds the coat and points to it or grabs it and brings it to you and says "go go?" She was determined to put my sweatshirt on. Well, she looked more like a gnome from behind in it, then she'd trip and fall out of it and be so mad it wasn't on her anymore. She's so patient. Surely she didn't get that from her parents.....

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