Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Came!

We got our Christmas tree shopping in just before it snowed. This is Jeremy's dad helping Kate look at the trees. Although she was really more interested in the lights they had. But it was fun.
Here is our glorious tree. It's about 3 feet tall and cost us $10. I love it. None of the decorations match, they're all a collection of what we had growing up and one for Kate and one for our first Christmas together. Jeremy and I like to joke that it's very much like our life - nothing matches, everything's just thrown together, and we love it.
Our first snow! I love the winter and I'm so excited it finally came! Kate was really excited to get her boots and snowsuit on, but putting her in the snow to walk around was another story.
Yeah, she wasn't very impressed with walking around in this stuff. But she can say snow and she always wants outside, she's just not so sure what to do when she's in it.
Here's our beloved snow dog. I'm sad I can't take her somewhere to run like we could in Spokane, because I love to watch her fly in the snow. But she's pretty happy having a back yard to stomp around in. She's been making little beds for herself in the snow all over the yard. It's fun to watch.
I don't fit a single coat in our house. I can't even zip Jeremy's coats up over my belly. Some of our fleeces will still cover me up, but not a single coat.

So big, I am currently only fitting Jeremy's T-shirts. Let me tell you how pretty I feel. I don't mean to be vain, but it's that feeling of staying in your PJs all day when you're sick. I just keep reminding myself this is just a season. And hey, I am super happy that they're growing!

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Melanie said...

Oh look ADORABLE. I'm already that big and I'm only having one...and I'm only 23 weeks. But, I can sympathize. I know just how you feel. Somehow pregnancy is supposed to make you feel attractive. Bagh...since when? I curse anyone that feels that way...Just joking. You really do look amazing and I am extremely happy that you babies are growing too.'re so close.