Sunday, December 6, 2009


So I had another OB apt this week and when I left I felt so relieved that I needed to put something up here about it. Overall things are really good now. I've finally gained enough weight to at least put us in the safety zone (31 lbs! I'm excited! It's supposed to be I think 40-60 minimum for twins, maybe 45, but 31 is so much better than where we were). My insides are still a little more ready for labor than they would like, hence, I'm still under a relative house arrest / bed rest order, but we have made it past 32 weeks! That means their little lungs are in pretty good shape right now and all the cooking they have left will help us be able to feed them better (and hopefully they won't spit up 24/7 as Kate did. At least if they do, we've dealt with it before). I don't know if I've mentioned, but we're pretty sure we're naming them Cora and Sydney. Cora's the smaller of the two, and she is lagging behind, but she's still gaining appropriately which is also fabulous news. The other thing is that many multiples end up being delivered by C-section. I asked my OB about the chances and she said as long as the first one is head down and I have an epidural in, unless someone goes into distress during the delivery she can do whatever needs to be done to get baby number 2 out without doing a C-section. We have to make it to 35 weeks (Dec 22) to deliver at the hospital my OB is at (because they don't have a NICU). But since we've had so much help (my sister, Jeremy's dad is here with us until Dec 20th, then his mom comes, then my mom, etc), I've been able to stay down so much more and I think we'll make it to at least 36 weeks (Dec 29th). The later they come, the easier they will be to care for.

The other thing is the ward threw us a nice baby shower and someone else in the ward brought by all of her little girl's old clothes. We were a little worried about having enough warm pajamas for these two, and for Kate and clothes have just kept coming. We now have plenty of warm PJs for the rugrats and it made me tear up as I was putting them in drawers, just realizing how aware of us Heavenly Father is and how much he's watched over us by sending us so many angels - friends, family, even strangers who've all been willing to sacrifice a little to a lot to help us at this point in our lives. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's kept us in their thoughts, prayers, put us on prayer rolls, helped us out with clothes, time, or any other blessing that's kept us afloat when we so easily could have gone under. We love all of you and pray that the Lord is watching over you as well.


Melanie said...

Good Luck to you and your babies. I hope and pray that all goes well.

What blessings you have been sent. The Lord is surely watching over you and your family.

Love Ya!

Camille English said...

That is so good to hear I remember getting to 32 weeks. I was ready then, but we made it to 36 and the girls had an 8 day stay at the hospital for breathing and Juandice. You'll make it. And Dec 22 is my birthday so thats works!
And I still can't believe how adorable Kate is. She will be a sweet big sister.

heidi_eatschuno said...

I love my ward members also, they were so generous in sharing with us when we had Ridge. I am glad to hear you are doing ok.

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad that where ever we are, church members are there to help us out. I think that because you've already had one successful vaginal delivery, your chances of having the twins the same way increases exponentially, as long as everyone is settled in there correctly. I didn't have a chance because my baby A was breech. I had to be put on a terbutaline pump to stop my contractions until 36 weeks. My twins were born 3 days after I went off the pump and we all went home together, happy and healthy. Hang in there, Jami! You're almost there!