Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock..........

Here's Daddy putting on our rugrat's shoes.
Christmas morning with Jeremy, his mom, and still our only child.

All of Kate's Grandma's hunting paid off - she found a double stroller and two baby dolls to help this little one have her own babies to push around.
As groggy as she looks, she hasn't had any Christmas punch, she's just been playing with so many toys her head is spinning (What would we do without grandparents?). She loves scribbling on the Etch-a-Sketch.
I had to put this picture in because she looks so stinkin cute in that dress.
I'm sure many have been wondering our current family size. Still nothing. We've had two big fake-outs - one two Tuesdays ago and the other just yesterday. For anyone who's really curious - I'm dilated to a 4, 80% effaced, contracting anywhere from every 2-6 minutes to not at all (though I typically can't feel a darned thing), and both babies - last ultrasound anyway - are head down. Miss Sydney is WAY down in my pelvis and Cora is not far behind. Our outlook for a vaginal delivery of both is VERY good. What's the hold up? Wouldn't we all like to know. Yesterday I was told if I was 37 weeks (Tuesday, Jan 5th), they would just break my water. But these little ladies are still premies, so unless my contractions are longer (lasting 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds like they are now), I open up to a 5, or my water breaks, we're all just hanging out until next Tuesday. The funny thing is that my body seemed so ready to deliver them until we passed the 35 week mark (our goal to be able to deliver at the hospital with the docs we want). Suddenly everything has slowed down. Though this may be the best I've felt for the whole pregnancy. I waddle like a duck and getting out of bed is entertaining to say the least, but what a wonderful thing to have made it this far. Thank you everyone for your love, support, and prayers. Hopefully we will have pictures up of the new rugrats a week or so from today. Course, my mom keeps joking one will be born 11:30pm Dec 31 and the other 12:10 Jan 1st. We'll just wait and see I guess.....


Camille English said...

I was wondering...

It is so awesome you've made it this far. You've got the greatest out look on everything and I'm glad you at least feel better.

Here I am 33 weeks and wanting to have just one baby RIGHT NOW. I'm sure chasing 2 two year olds is contributing to my mood, you help me remember to be thankful we're having just one this time.

I can't wait to see them!

Melanie said...

I'm so glad for you. To make it this far is AMAZING. And....I'm glad you are feeling better.

Good Luck on the double vaginal birth. I will be rootin' for you.


We'll keep you in our prayers.

Michele said...

Thanks Jami! Wow good luck with your two little ones! And both Preston and I think it would be awesome if one was born in 2009 and the other in 2010. We're with Aunt Charla on that one. :) Love you!! I'll be checking for updates!!