Sunday, December 20, 2009


Here's our little small fry dancing away with a white elephant gift her daddy brought home. Jeremy asked me to make a list of everything she says right now (the girl's a parrot) so we don't forget. Here's everything I can remember: Mommy, Daddy, Papa (grandpa), Mama (grandma), Pele (she says it pay-lay-eee), doggie, puppy, meow, moo, piggy, night night, eat, please, more, tuby (bath time), snow, no, go-go, coat, dress, shoes, bow, tie, pants, chair, truck, bus, beep-beep, Katie, Tommy, Ann, Lori, Ady, Sydney, Cora, Ella, nose, eye, teeth, crash, mash, tatoes (potatoes), apple, peas, pasta, zanya (lasagne), milk, cereal, toast, hot, cold, bunny, blankie, tickle, crow, caa (what the crow says), juice, dink (drink), baby, shhhh, and Jesus. That's what I can remember. I can't believe how much she picks up on things. I think she's being blessed to be able to do so much since things will be so crazy when her sisters come. Three girls in less than three years of marriage. Who just does that? You count myself and the dog and Jeremy's way out numbered. She sure loves to dance, though (like what she's doing in the picture). Dancing and running and reading. I can't wait for warmer weather and the ability to walk returned to me so we can explore this beautiful country!


Heidi said...

Hey, I found your blog through Amy's. Your little Kate is so cute, and I'm glad those babies are getting big and healthy. Good luck with everything.

Heidi E

Michele said...

Jami, she is adorable! Little dancer, just like her momma. :) And I can't believe it's getting closer and closer for your due date!! Bah! I just have to say, you are one VERY strong woman. If anyone can handle all of this at once, you can!
And by the way, I think the names you have picked out are adorable- I just heard another girl here say she is thinking of naming her girl Cora and I've never heard it before but it is such a sweet name. I'm excited for you!