Monday, May 10, 2010

Lest I Forget..

I just wanted to get some of the things Katie's saying down before I forget.

When I wake her up in the morning:

Me: "Good morning Katie."
Her: "Morning Katie."
Me: "How did you sleep?"
Her: "Good."
Me: "How were your dreams?"
Her: "Dream about."
Me: "What did you dream about?"
Her: "Jesus."

That was with no prompting from me or Jeremy. She just tells us that. Then tonight while I was feeding the girls she got hold of a set of scriptures, opens it up and says:

"Came to pass. Amalickiah. Bad guy. Lehi. Came to pass. Jesus. Armies. Came to pass."

My other favorite sayings:

"Snotty nose. I need a tissue."

"Help. I need help."

"I need a time out." (Maybe mommy does, really.)

"Back on tubby time." (She means put the girls back on tummy time after they roll over.)

"Keep Cora company."

"Chase Katie."

"Turn on fodder mountain." (She means the water fountain in our back yard.)

"Take a chance on me." (From the Mama Mia soundtrack.)

"Katie Lou, I need you." (From the Scooby-Do song.)

"Down the drain you go bubbles."

There's a lot more, but I need to go to bed instead of staying up to unwind.

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