Sunday, May 9, 2010

Outside and Lake Pinneo

If any one's bored with the constant pictures of the girls, I'm sorry. Someday I'll get other pictures in as well. I just know I have family missing these little stinkers a lot since we're on opposite ends of the country, so I need to keep the pictures of the kids coming. Plus, I think they're cute.
Another day playing in the garden and I actually got her hair done!
This was hilarious. She was checking for ants because that's what the pest control guy had done the day before. She started following one with her finger and I think it bit her because she started to whimper. I asked her if she got bit and she said, "sorry, ant," and tried to follow it around the deck to make sure it heard her say sorry.

We were all on the deck, I just had them in the shade and love this because they seem to be holding hands. Cora's the one with the nail polish. We still need it to tell who's who.
Some of the girls from church wanted to do something free and outside, so we drove with them to Lake Pinneo, a private lake from Memorial Day to Labor that is perfect for kids. It's man-made with a really nice beach, grass, and a playground all right next to each other. This is Katie in our car with the girls. She tells me "keep em company" whenever she sits by them.
Katie checking out the water.
She now says "shoes muddy" when you ask her about the lake. She walked right in and had a ball until she tripped.

And this is the tent we had set up so the girls could nap and we could stay longer than an hour. Those other moms that came were awesome and we had fun. It was so nice to get out to do something besides grocery shop! The weather was a little cool because it was so windy, but there is something magical about being outside.


Melanie said...

Who could get tired of pics of you girls. Theya re too cute.

The Bills Clan said...

Cute cute pictures. Especially the one of Kate with the two babies she is keeping company. Way sweet. You amaze me Jami!
Love, Your Sis

Camille English said...

I love the pictures. The ant story is so cute I love it.